Parliamentary Front of Logistic and Infrastructure
Parliamentary Front of Logistic and Infrastructure

Parliamentary Front of Logistic and Infrastructure

July 11th
B Hotel Brasília

*This meeting is GRI members only.

Parliamentary Front of Logistic and Infrastructure

On June 11, from 9h00 am to 11h30 am, GRI Club Infra members will discuss, jointly with representatives of the Legislative Power, the activity and priorities of the Parliamentary Front of Logistics and Infrastructure and the overview of the administrative, economic, legal and social matters currently being dealt with in FRENLOGI.

The club meeting will be held in Brasília (venue still to be defined), and, besides the GRI Club community (holdings, concession operators, funds and investment banks, advisors and multilateral organs), will also gather congressmen and senators, who are representatives of FRENLOGI within the Federal Government.


Thursday, June 11th
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08:30 - 09:00 | Registration & Welcome coffee
09:00 - 11:30 | Discussion
11:30 - 12:00 | Closing coffee

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Melissa Dalla Rosa
Project Leader
Melissa Dalla Rosa
Head of Infrastructure Latam
GRI Club
+55 (11) 97153-1370

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Melissa Dalla Rosa
Melissa Dalla Rosa
Head of Infrastructure LatamGRI Club
Melissa Dalla Rosa é Diretora de Infraestrutura e atua principalmente na expansão do GRI Club Infra na América Latina. Graduada em Comunicação Social – Relações Públicas pela Unisinos (RS), Pós-graduada Publicidade Institucional, Comunicação Multimídia e Organização de Eventos pela Universidade de Florença – Itália, onde viveu por sete anos, está concluindo um MBA em Gestão do Agronegócio pela ESALQ/USP. Possui mais de 10 anos de experiência na área de relações públicas e eventos.
+55 (11) 97153-1370
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