Exclusive Networking Platform Empowering Leaders
Together Influential decision-makers from Real Estate and Infrastructure Sector
25 years shaping the global future of
the Real Estate & Infrastructure sectors

Since our foundation in 1998, GRI Club has been a driving force in the real estate and infrastructure industry.
Our history is marked by a continuous commitment to connect influential leaders, create global opportunities, and shape the future of these vital sectors.
Over the years, we have built a strong reputation as an exclusive global network, facilitating strategic discussions, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among key decision-makers.

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Elevate your journey with our AI-powered membership. Access exclusive benefits, including curated an account manager, curated insights, online and in-person events, private meetings, and a members directory.

Connect, engage, and thrive in a community of global executives with personalized experiences. Maximize networking potential with GRI Club Membership.

Courtesy memberships are reserved for foundations, endowments, trusts, insurance companies, single-family offices, sovereign wealth funds, and pension funds actively making fund commitments. We prioritize those who do not engage in third-party fundraising activities or collect fees for advisory/consulting services. 
GRI Clubs
Our exclusive club, designed for market leaders, has been operating successfully worldwide. Within this club, our members gather regularly in an informal and intimate environment to engage in activities tailored to their specific needs. The club serves as an ideal platform for fostering and strengthening fruitful and enduring business relationships.

New membership applicants undergo a thorough selection process led by our approval counsil, ensuring that only senior and influential professionals who possess the ability to make a significant impact in their industries are accepted.
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Global Management
Our management team has extensive global experience and is focused on outlining
and implementing GRI Club’s strategies, in tune with the challenges presented by members and clients.
Henri Alster
Henri Alster
Gustavo Favaron
Gustavo Favaron
CEO & Managing Partner
Diego Tavares
Diego Tavares
Moisés Cona
Moisés Cona
Executive Director, Global Infrastructure
Kirsty Stevens
Kirsty Stevens
Rodrigo Branchini
Rodrigo Branchini
Senior Director
Rodrigo Branchini
Luciana Nogueira
Head of Customer Success
Leonardo Di Mauro
Leonardo Di Mauro
Robinson Silva
Robinson Silva
Managing Director and Partner
Airton Medeiros
Airton Medeiros
Global VP & Senior Partner
Who can become a member of the GRI Club?
GRI Club membership is exclusive to influential leaders and executives in the real estate and infrastructure sectors. Membership is subject to an approval process.
What are the benefits of becoming a member of the GRI Club?
As a GRI Club member, you will have access to a global network of leaders, exclusive events, market insights, business opportunities, and specialized resources.
How does GRI Club promote networking and collaboration among its members?
GRI Club offers a variety of in-person and online events focused on networking and member interaction. Additionally, our online platform facilitates connection and information exchange among members.
What types of events does GRI Club offer?
GRI Club hosts in-person events such as conferences and club meetings, as well as online events including webinars and virtual meetings. These events bring industry leaders together to share knowledge and business opportunities.
How can I contact the GRI Club team?
You can reach us through the contact form on our website or using the contact details provided on the Contact page. Our team will be happy to respond to your inquiries and provide the necessary support.