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SVB Collapse - Is there more to fear?

Short term shock or start of painful systemic challenge?

23rd March
15:00 - 16:00 GMT+0

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126 people are attending
Credit: Blue Planet Studio / Shutterstock

Meeting Overview

Hailed as the first big black swan since covid, the SVB collapse could have a devastating ripple effect on real estate economies, bringing pain to an already volatile lending environment. That being said, a fall in interest rates could lead to positive developments for us, facilitating a reshaping of European and US financial markets.

Whatever your thoughts, and whatever next week’s Federal Reserve announcement brings up, GRI Club Members will come together to engage in an open dialogue with their peers to make sense of the current situation and where we could be headed.

Participate as you wish, sharing insights and learning from other industry leaders facing the repercussions of this pivotal moment in history.
Discussion Leaders

SVB Collapse

Is there more to fear?

The Discussion will touch upon:


Behind the Headlines - Why did SVB fail and are we headed for a financial crisis?
2008 - What’s different this time? Will it be better or even worse?
Interest Rate Consequences 
Will the collapse affect capital flows, especially in Europe and the US?
Which markets are most affected? Where might opportunities appear?
Federal Reserve Response - Cause for concern?
Real Estate Investors & Lenders - Is this a wake-up call to change our strategies?

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Our discussion co-chairs kick off the knowledge exchange. After that, you can join it as much as you like:
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Who can join?
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Confirmed Participants

Alina Obolonska
Alina Obolonska
propriete generale
Ana Luiza Tieghi
Ana Luiza Tieghi
JornalistaValor Econômico - São Paulo
+55 11 3614 5265
São Paulo | SP | Brazil
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