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Portugal Economic Series

What to expect of Portugal’s macroeconomic scenario in 2024?

1st February
10:00 - 12:00 | WET (GMT+0)
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Credit: GRI Club

Meeting’s Overview 

When it comes to Portugal’s macroeconomic views for 2024, will the market resilience continue or won’t it last in the changing and challenging European scenario? This club meeting is part of GRI Club Economic Series and will bring together members to discuss what to expect from Portugal in 2024.

Discussions will touch on

Interest Rates
Central Bank
Fiscal and Monetary Policies
Growth Expectation & GDP
Portuguese Prospects
Challenges Ahead


10:00 - 10:30
Welcome & Registration
10:30 - 11:30 
Presentation & Main Discussion
11:30 - 12:00
Networking Coffee

Special Guest

Rui Constantino is responsible for the Economic Research and Investor Relations areas at Banco Santander Portugal. As Chief Economist, he coordinates the team that monitors the Portuguese economy in the Santander Group, as well as economic and financial developments, in support of Santander's Administration and business areas in Portugal. Rui Constantino has a master's degree in monetary and financial economics from the Higher Institute of Economics and Management of the University of Lisbon.
Imagem Rebeca Hwang
Rui Constantino
Economic Research and Investor Relations

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Our discussion co-chairs kick off the knowledge exchange. After that, you can join it as much as you like:
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What is a Club Meeting
An in-person private meeting exclusive for Club Members. Spend time and participate in interactive discussions with the most senior players in the market.
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Who can join
Senior investors, lenders, asset owners, and developers active in the real estate market. Exclusive event for members with the GRI membership.  
Who can join
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Contact us

Cyan Hirata Schmidt
Cyan Hirata Schmidt
Director / RE India
GRI Club
Giovana Caravetti
Giovana Caravetti
Head Southern Europe & France
GRI Club
Laura Sancesario
Laura Sancesario
Club Manager - GRI Real Estate - Southern Europe
GRI Club
Cyan Hirata Schmidt
Cyan Hirata Schmidt
Director / RE IndiaGRI Club
Giovana Caravetti
Giovana Caravetti
Head Southern Europe & FranceGRI Club
Graduated in Advertising and Marketing from Pontifícia Universidade de Campinas. Experience in the service and sales business. Currently focused on developing relationships among entrepreneurs in the real estate market. Responsible for the RE Club in Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Peru. Actively involved in the decisions and organization of meetings for members, and the relationship between them. Focused on bringing new members and relevant companies from the sector, to develop the Club in the Andean countries, and Argentina. Also responsible for the Hospitality sector throughout Latin America, concentrating efforts, for the main meeting of the sector at a regional level.
+55 19 99333 5806
+55 19 99333 5806
Laura Sancesario
Laura Sancesario
Club Manager - GRI Real Estate - Southern EuropeGRI Club
With over 13 years of experience in an international company and with corporate events she was able to work with many levels of seniority, roles, departments, and transformation projects.

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Attendees Confirmed

Filipa Lencastre
Filipa Lencastre
LawyerAntas da Cunha & Associados
Miguel Espirito Santo
Miguel Espirito Santo
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