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Nordics Financing

Higher leverage risks triggering further pressure on capital or market adjustments boding well?

11th June
16:00 - 19:00 | CEST (GMT+2)
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Credit: George Trumpeter / Shutterstock

Meeting’s Overview 

Regarding Nordics' real estate financing, how is the region positioned with the rest of Europe? This club meeting, in Oslo, will bring together senior real estate executives (asset owners, developers, investors, lenders, operators) and GRI Club members to discuss what to expect in the Nordics region, highlighting liquidity, equity and debt strategies, value, and risk pressures.

Discussions will touch on

Liquidity - Starting point for liquidity in the Nordic market remain strong or deterioration to continue?
Equity - Wait-and-see, a new need for it in
Debt - Waiting for cost of capital to stabilise, improved returns in the component of capital stack?
Value and Risk Pressures - Repricing adjustments to continue or ground settled for bid and ask?
Norway - What lies ahead on future bets?
11th June, 16:00-18:00

Some of the Confirmed Attendees

What is a Club Meeting? How can I participate?

Our discussion co-chairs kick off the knowledge exchange. After that, you can join it as much as you like:
peer-to-peer, capital to product, and behind closed doors.
Who can join
What is a Club Meeting
An in-person private meeting exclusive for Club Members. Spend time and participate in interactive discussions with the most senior players in the market.
Who can join
Who can join
Senior investors, lenders, asset owners, and developers active in the real estate market. Exclusive event for members with a Bronze, Silver, Platinum, and Diamond level membership.  
Who can join
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Contact us

Ludwig Menke
Ludwig Menke
Production Manager
GRI Club
Victor Tranquilini
Victor Tranquilini
Club Director
GRI Club
Ludwig Menke
Ludwig Menke
Production ManagerGRI Club
Production Manager no GRI Club. Meu trabalho é conectar os principais investidores, desenvolvedores, bancos, consultores, advogados e outros players e executivos do setor imobiliário a reuniões e eventos do GRI que produzo no Brasil, Portugal e EUA. Analista de Relações Internacionais e Economista pelas Faculdades de Campinas (FACAMP). Study Abroad na França na ICN Business School com um Bachelor em Business Administration (BBA Program).
+55 19 99281-2795
+55 19 3203-0645
Victor Tranquilini
Victor Tranquilini
Club DirectorGRI Club

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Warsaw | Poland
With the largest commercial real estate team in Europe and one of the biggest worldwide, CMS is well positioned to help investors, funders, developers, landlords and occupiers navigate all aspects of the real estate market and maximise their assets. Whatever the size and scope of your project or deal, with almost 800 real estate lawyers in 46 countries we have the resources to meet your needs quickly and efficiently, offering expert advice. We have been active in real estate in our markets for decades, so we understand the culture, the economic context, the local legal context and the history.
Com mais de 20 anos de experiência, somos uma consultoria especializada em potencializar os resultados das empresas dos mercados imobiliário e de infraestrutura. Atuamos com soluções 360º nas áreas de gestão de pessoas e de estruturação de processos organizacionais.
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This event is exclusive for GRI members.