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GRI Light Industrial & Logistics

Matching product to global capital across Europe's light industrial and logistics assets

80 people are attending
Credit: hacohob / Shutterstock

Now in its third year, participants find the discovery process for sourcing deal flow is most advantageous. Over two days they will engage in a series of informal roundtables where everyone can participate, and navigate the current challenges presented by demand, purchasing, and future trends.

Closed-door discussions, keynote speakers, case studies, debates, presentations and insights.

Private Equity Investors, Fund Managers, 3PL’s, Operators, LP’s Developers, Asset Owners, Operators and Lenders invested in the asset class

"It's a place where we exchange views about the market with senior people that are willing to learn and to share their honest perspectives with other investors. I really like the format and the people that attend"

Cristina García-Peri

Managing Partner/ Director

of Strategy and Corporate


Grupo Azora

Discussion format that enables you to interact and engage
In-depth industry knowledge
Networking made easy


29th November, 14:00 - 15:00
Darya Frolova
Darya Frolova
Senior Research Associate
CBRE Investment Management
Darya Frolova
Darya Frolova
Senior Research AssociateCBRE Investment Management
Schiphol | Netherlands
CBRE GIP is an industry leader in the provision of global and regional customised indirect real estate investments solutions.

Europe’s Logistics Market - Cycle Winners and Urban Logistics Reinventors

  • Urban Logistics Trends - What is needed for success? 
  • Hyped Last Mile - What is it exactly?
  • Population Density & Urbanisation - How can urban logistics solve the carbon crisis?
  • Values - Are the fundamentals changing?
  • Hotspots - Where to find value? 
  • Logistics vs Other Asset Values - How to survive in the inflation environment
29th November, 15:30 - 16:30

Tenant Demand

End of e-commerce boom, beginning of energy compromises?

  • Can real estate keep up?
  • Work the Assets - Location or innovation?
  • Aligning Owner, Occupier, Investor & 3PL Needs
  • Occupational Markets Penetration - New cities, better yields?
  • E-commerce penetration creating demand across Europe - Any new locations on the rise?
  • Energy price cap rises – what’s the impact for landlords and tenants?
  • The Energy Bill Support Scheme – what do you need to know?
29th November, 17:00 - 18:00

JVs & Equity

Exposure more important than yields?

  • Joint Ventures - The marriage of equity and expertise?
  • Equity vs. Debt Investments 
  • Funds - Core, Core + or opportunity, where's the sweet spot? 
  • Risk Return Fundamentals - Resilience vs cost in a post-2020 environment
  • Platform companies: An evolution of real estate joint ventures
30th November, 09:00 - 10:20

Finding Value

Batten down the hatches or time to strike?

  • Geopolitical Volatility - Impacts on investor decision-making
  • Inflation, Interest Rates & Utility Costs - How much of an impact will it have on the industry?
  • Investor Confidence & Risk Considerations

30th November, 11:00 - 12:00

Last Mile Investments

Lightening pace! LP Accessible?

  • Big Boxes vs City Light Industrial - What asset types will be the way to go?
  • ‘Ultra-Last-Mile Assets’ - The best spot for strategic last mile urban logistics facilities?
  • LP investment appetite - is the asset class mature enough?
  • Going up the risk curve - are yields valuable enough to attract LP capital?
  • Capital allocation considerations - working with GPs and finding the right partner key?
  • Incoming Supply - Oversupply concerns or still room to grow?
  • Core+ Last Mile Delivery - Next growth wave for secondary cities or simply a nifty niche?
  • Product pricing - How sustainable is pricing across traditional Logistics vs non-Logistics locations?

30th November, 11:00 - 12:00

Debt & Lenders

More volatility, less leverage availability?

  • Real Estate Debt Appetite - Becoming an attractive investment as stocks fall and mortgage rates climb?
  • How banks are recalibrating logistics lending strategies
  • Development Finance - Anyone lending for new developments?
  • Risk Appetite - How far up the risk curve are lenders willing to go?
30th November, 13:00 - 14:00

CEE Pricing Discounts and Energy Costs

Is it still attracting international capital and tenant demand?

  • Reconstruction & Development - How can the logistics sector and markets position themselves as a lever for expansion, attractive to international investments ?
  • Eastern over Western Europe - Is discounting a sustainable strategy in itself to attract international capital in this new geopolitical environment?
  • Offer Vs Demand - Which markets tend to do better on basic logistics needs in terms of energy delivery and supply chain security?
  • Post-covid - disruption in the supply chains led companies to seek nearshoring solutions?

30th November, 13:00 - 14:00

The Development Paradox

How to play if bills, demand and rent all up?

  • Spec Developments - Any lenders available or too much risk attached?
  • Newbuild Greenfield vs Brownfield Upgrades - Comparing prices, yields & available financing
  • Pricing Development Risk - Will BTS stay number one or will spec developments be pushed centerstage by increased demand?
  • Rental Growth - Underwriting investor confidence?
  • Emerging Demand Drivers - ESG, New Tech & E-commerce
  • Urban Demand - High demand, but do the numbers work?
  • Pricing Up & Vacancy down - Impossible balance for tenants demand?
  • Investor's appetite vs Local Regulations - working with public bodies offering new opportunities or too much of a headache?
  • Economics Affecting Purchasing Power - Developers, Lenders, Investors; Who’s in the driving seat?

30th November, 14:30 - 15:30

Last Mile with ESG

Too many red flags to make green?

  • Eco Friendly Last Mile - Does the concept have legs? 
  • Green Lending & Raising Capital Considerations 
  • Urban Logistics & Sustainability Constraints in City Centres 
  • Owner, Customer, Investor, Authorities Interests’ Aligned? 
  • How might data analytics and proptech help improve the ESG agenda? 
  • Green funds & Developers - Impacts and investments in the new partnerships to make sustainability happen? 
  • Brownfield & Greenfield projects - Has“E” become the primary concern for successful planning?
30th November, 16:00 - 16:50
Philippe Dauba-Pantanacce
Philippe Dauba-Pantanacce
Executive Director - Senior Economist, Global Geopolitical Strategist, Global Research
Standard Chartered Bank
Philippe Dauba-Pantanacce
Philippe Dauba-Pantanacce
Executive Director - Senior Economist, Global Geopolitical Strategist, Global ResearchStandard Chartered Bank
Philippe is responsible for Global Geopolitical Economic analysis, based in Paris. He joined the Bank in 2007 and was previously an economist covering the Middle East and Turkey. Philippe is in close contact with policy makers and multilateral institutions, and comments regularly in global media. Before joining the Bank, he worked for HSBC Asset Management, for the French embassy in Washington, and in the US Congress. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics and a Master’s in business from the University of Paris (Dauphine), and Master’s degrees in international relations from Sciences-Po (Paris) and Columbia University. Philippe was recognised by Coalition Greenwich as one of the Most Helpful Analysts in Emerging Markets in 2021.

War & Economic Crisis

Navigating Today's Uncertainties

  • A combination of inflation, supply chain issues, a global tightening environment is fast plunging the world into an abrupt economic slowdown: what can we expect? 
  • Beyond the war: how a challenging global geopolitical backdrop is compounding and feeding the economic crisis
  • Looking ahead: what is the way out?

Wednesday, November 29th 2023
Close See complete schedule
Thursday, November 30th 2023
Close See complete schedule

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