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France GRI 2018
France GRI 2018'

France GRI 2018

Paris, 29th and 30th May


More than 120 GRI Club members and participants gathered in Paris on, 29th - 30th May for the inaugural France GRI, proving the appetite amongst Europe’s most senior real estate players was certainly curious and by most accounts, strong indeed. Investment strategies were top of the agenda amongst investors, with differing perspectives shared around how far up the risk curve investors are prepared to go in the search for yields. 

Discussions touched on the fact that. 

  • While yields were now stabilised, they were still at a very low point, and are unlikely to bounce back in any formidable way.
  • Offices remaining the clear trophies being sought by local and international investors. Interestingly,
  • It wasn’t just Paris benefitting from this ‘office goldrush’ as the search for higher yields was encouraging more regional investment opportunities. 
  • Co-workings’ long-term viability, and predictions for how the business model will change over coming years. Adeline Attia (UB Trends), Robin Rivaton (Real Estech), Frederic Ciuntu (Global Real Estate, L’Oreal) and Christophe Burckhart (MD, Regus).
  • It will take a full 10 years before we feel any significant presence of international capital in French real estate. 
  • On the other hand, a few argued that this sought after transformative effect is already here; Brexit has paved the way for Paris to be the new ‘Europe HQ’. The question now is whether the French real estate market can keep up with Germany, UK and elsewhere.
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