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Global Light Industrial & Logistics Pricing & Performance

6th July
15:00 - 16:00 | BST (GMT+1)

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39 people are attending
Credit: Александр Байдук / Adobe Stock
Ludwig Menke
Ludwig Menke
Global Production, Real Estate, EuropeGRI Club
International Relations and Affairs Analyst and Economist at Faculdades de Campinas (FACAMP). Study abroad in France and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA Program) at ICN Business School. Currently, Global Production, Real Estate, Europe at GRI Club. I'm an experienced conference/event producer with +45years of experience in the real estate industry, producing local and global private gatherings for leading real estate players and companies. Responsible for the whole cycle of production activities, including project management, market research, program and business development, for online and face-to-face meetings. Brief work with commercial team and customer relationship.
+55 19 99281-2795
+55 19 3203-0645

GRI Club’s Global Committees set the professional standard for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing in order to identify new trends, capitalise on growth opportunities and aid deal flow discovery worldwide.

Curated purely by members, spanning 100+ countries, and across all asset classes, this global committee meets two times a year to share the current sentiment, investment appetite and debate where the market is going.

Participation is open and welcome to all GRI Club Members, under the wing of the specific committee chapter. Be part of the global dynamic exchange and always be present for the opportune moments in your asset and region.

  • Investments Per Markets - Plenty of cash, where to sow, where tosit?
  • Debt vs Investment Volumes - Is there an inflexion point?
  • Valuations & Performance - When are they landing?
  • Rents - Tenant demand still stacking up or too expensive for most? 
  • Constructions Costs - Causing speculation on Spec development deals?
  • Markets Dynamics - Highlights on global markets

Special Guest

Mehtab Randhawa is Global Head of Industrial Research for JLL. In her role, her responsibility is to direct and implement strategy, methodology, product / platform enhancement and the firm’s overall analysis, message and outlook for the macro global industrial sector. Mehtab also ensures that JLL’s research platform evolves to meet the evolving needs of JLL’s clients and prospects and proactively creates thoughtful research on a variety of topics including supply chain, manufacturing, warehouse & distribution and e-commerce that are relevant to today’s corporate real estate decision makers. 
Imagem Mehtab Randhawa
Mehtab Randhawa
Global Head of Industrial Research

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Our discussion co-chairs kick off the knowledge exchange. After that, you can join it as much as you like:
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What is an Online Meeting
An exclusive, private and regular online gathering of the Club Members. Is the seniority of the boardroom from the convenience of your desktop.
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Who can join
Senior investors, lenders and developers active in the infrastructure and real estate market.
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