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Alternative & Projektentwicklung Finanzierung

26. Januar
10:00 - 11:00 | Central European Time (GMT+1)

Nehmen Sie an diesem Event teil, wenn Sie sich für eine kostenfreie Mitgliedschaft anmelden.

Diese Mitgliedschaft beinhaltet kostenlosen Zugang zu unserer internationalen Community, in der Sie sich mit mehr als 10.000 Mitglieder vernetzen können und an jedem unserer kostenlosen online Meetings teilnehmen können.
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42 people are attending
Credit: Frank Wagner / Shutterstock

Meeting Übersicht

Versuchen Sie die momentane Finanzierungslandschaft, gerade mit Sicht auf Projektentwicklungen und höhere Risikoprofilen besser zu verstehen und Kreditanbieter für Ihre Investitionen, Projektentwicklungen oder Transaktionen zu finden?

The Discussion will touch upon

Die Diskussion wird sich um folgende Themen drehen:

  • Alternative Finanzierung - Die Kredit-Assetklasse für Immobilien in 2023?
  • Inflation & Zinsanstiege - Wie lukrativ sind neue Projektentwicklungen wirklich & wer wird sie finanzieren?
  • Prozesslandschaft - Wann werden Transaktionen & Investitionen wieder verstärkt stattfinden und werden Käufer und Verkäufer bei Preisen einigen können?
  • Mezzanine - Zu risikolastig oder genau die richtige Finanzierungsart in der momentanen Situation?

What is an eMeeting? How can I participate?

Our discussion co-chairs kick off the knowledge exchange. After that, you can join it as much as you like:
peer-to-peer, capital to product, and behind closed doors.
Who can join
What is an eMeeting
An exclusive, private and regular online gathering of the Club Members. Is the seniority of the boardroom from the convenience of your desktop.
Who can join
Who can join
Senior investors, lenders and developers active in the infrastructure and real estate market.
Who can join
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Click on "Join the Event". After that, our team will check your eligibility. If you qualify, you will get your GRI eMembership (no cost, contract or expiration date).

Meet our exclusive format.

GRI has no speakers, no presentations. Instead, you have a selection of closed-door discussions where everyone can participate.
Much like a conversation in your own living room, the dynamic environment allows you to engage with your peers in an informal and collegial setting.

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Industry Partners
Warsaw | Poland
With the largest commercial real estate team in Europe and one of the biggest worldwide, CMS is well positioned to help investors, funders, developers, landlords and occupiers navigate all aspects of the real estate market and maximise their assets. Whatever the size and scope of your project or deal, with almost 800 real estate lawyers in 46 countries we have the resources to meet your needs quickly and efficiently, offering expert advice. We have been active in real estate in our markets for decades, so we understand the culture, the economic context, the local legal context and the history.
We are your strategic partner in talent acquisition for the real estate and infrastructure sector. With over 20 years of experience and a strong presence in Europe, we specialize in optimizing performance by maximizing human resources and operational strategies. Our commitment to excellence drives us to find tailored talent, reshaping organizations and empowering professionals for success. In collaboration with the GRI Club, our global network spans 30 countries.

Confirmed Participants

Boris Matuszczak
Boris Matuszczak
Head of FinanceKapHag Beteiligungen GmbH
Before joining FFIRE Boris Matuszczak was responsible for Commercial Real Estate Business at DR. KLEIN/Hypoport. Between 2000 and 2016 he was Head of SEB, Berlin branch, 10 years and Head of HCOB Berlin (former HSH Nordbank) for 6 years.
Investor focusing on opportunistic or value-add transactions across all real estate asset classes.
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