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Credit: Abhishek Kumar
12th December
The Quorum Mumbai
Real Estate

"The next ten years belong to India", says Abhishek Kumar (The Covie)

Contrasting Europe’s impending recession, residential opportunities in India are abundant

1 MIN READ September 21, 2023

Written by Helen Richards

Abhishek Kumar, Co-Founder of The Covie, joined Europe GRI 2023 this year, GRI’s largest networking event to date. Operating in five cities across India in the student living and co-living sector, Abhishek joined Europe GRI 2023 to share insights from the region and gain from those in Europe.

During the event, Abhishek joined Gustavo Favaron, CEO & Managing Partner at GRI Club, to discuss The Covie and his outlook for Indian real estate.

Reflecting on Europe’s concern of a coming recession, Abhishek shared his optimism for India, a region with an abundance of opportunities across all asset classes, but predominantly in student living and co-living. India’s population is young, mobile, and global, with 35 million people moving states each year for studies.

Both student living and co-living are certainly better established in Europe - one of the motives for Abhishek’s participation in Europe GRI 2023 - however in terms of market conditions and opportunities, India is where it’s at.

The annual India GRI 2023 will be held next month on October 11-12 in Mumbai. Find out more and register here.

Watch the full interview with Abhishek Kumar here: 

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