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European Real Estate Amidst COVID Crisis

2 MIN READSeptember 23, 2020
While the pandemic has spread across the world within the last few months, real estate and capital markets have had some time to adjust to the new investment and transaction landscape. The biggest single issue that investors, developers and lenders in the European and global markets can see is to find the differentiation between immediate and lasting effects of the current crisis, as well as their time horizon. Each asset class and local market will have to face their unique challenges and opportunities in the months and years to come. Members of the GRI Club gathered online to discuss the context further - 450+, profiles senior leaders, 20 discussions etc. Despite remaining uncertainties, overall members’ sentiment remains cautiously optimistic for the future of the European real estate sectors.
This GRI Report will discuss the immediate and lasting impact of COVID-19 on the European real estate markets from the point of view of GRI Club members during the e-Europe GRI 2020. It will also explore the challenges and opportunities investors, lenders and developers will face in the medium and long term as activity revamps and the rules of the game change.
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