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16th April

India GRI Infra & Energy is back

The conference is designed to foster deal flow, engage with peers and meet new partners

5 MIN READ September 26, 2022

The annual conference India GRI Infra & Energy is back after a two-year hiatus for its 3rd edition, the first face-to-face conference since 2020. The event will return in October in New Delhi and will bring together the most senior infrastructure investors, developers, operators, lenders and advisers active in India for a day of discussions and high-level networking. 

Designed to foster deal flow, engage with peers and meet new partners, the conference occurs in an informal setting, behind closed doors in a round table format, so all participants are encouraged to contribute by sharing ideas and experiences. Leaders will focus on new opportunities in the infrastructure and energy industry and discuss the changes that have occurred overnight in recent years. 

India GRI Infra & Energy 2022

The sector in India has proven to be resilient and shows no sign of slowing down. Construction activity picked up significantly as infrastructure output rose by 11.5% year-on-year over the April-July 2022 period¹. Even during the pandemic time, the highway construction rate was 38 km per day. Now, according to Nitin Gadkari, Union Road Transport and Highways Minister, the target is to take the rate up to 60 km per day². 

However, the world continues to be faced with rising construction and transportation costs, the threat of multiple interest rate rises, and probable supply chain congestion. The sector has been hampered due to high input costs, and the impact of the pandemic on valuations and returns expectations remains to be seen. So how will ambitious targets be achieved? 

In order to address these challenges, top executives will come clean about what is the investor appetite for the infrastructure sector post-pandemic disruption. Is now the right time to enter and continue growing in India's infrastructure and energy markets? 

In addition, as India has developed several options for long-term investments in infrastructure, decision-makers will debate which monetisation models are preferred (TOT, OMT, OMD, COT, InvITs, REITs).

CEOs, Directors and senior executives meet in an intimate and informal environment. (India GRI Infra & Energy 2019.) 

In the last India GRI Infra & Energy edition, Amit Jain, Senior Energy Specialist at The World Bank, said that “we are seeing a revolution in the solar sector which will translate into a revolution in storage in the near future. Significant investments are to come in the next 5 years. We are witnessing just the tip of the iceberg.” 

Now, with a special focus on the pathway to Net Zero, leaders at GRI Infra & Energy 2022 will also share their insights on how to get ready for a complete disruption towards renewable and cleaner energy. How is the matrix changing with hydrogen, batteries and nuclear energy? What are the opportunities for partnerships with other countries? What are the opportunities for developers and investors?  

Another special session will put ESG in perspective to discuss how the ESG framework and reporting is evolving. What are the key challenges in India? How can they be addressed? What can be learnt from global experience? 

Check out the full India GRI Infra & Energy 2022 agenda.  

GRI Club events are a unique opportunity to interact with people in a very informal manner. We debate topics without any concerns about how one may take a viewpoint. It’s a very open conversation and the real issues are discussed by industry participants and stakeholders that want to find solutions and all the opportunities that are available in the market.”  
Manikkan Sangameswaran, Executive Director & CEO at Radiance Renewables. 

¹  Reuters 
² The Economic Times  

Written by Lucas Brancucci 
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