Learn how the GRI networking application works

2 MIN READJanuary 25, 2019
The GRI Matchmaking App is an exclusive GRI Club application for members and conference participants. It enables you to have early access to the list of executives attending the events, to schedule exclusive meetings and, thus, to increase networking and new business opportunities. 

Structured based on artificial intelligence and cutting-edge matchmaking algorithms, the platform allows you to create a custom profile and calendar. You can also accept contact requests, reschedule meetings, and view schedule details for the event in question. In addition, the app sends notifications about meetings that have been scheduled, and it all happens over your smartphone. 

The tool is available in both the GRI Matchmaking App Real Estate and GRI Matchmaking App Infra versions. Check out how it works:

GRI Matchmaking App Real Estate

GRI Matchmaking App Infra

Download the application to your smartphone and take advantage of the GRI Matchmaking App during the GRI Club events. The app is available on the App Store and on Google Play:

GRI Matchmaking App RE App Store or Google Play Store

GRI Matchmaking App Infra | App Store or Google Play Store

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