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<b>Brazil’s Climate Pathway</b><br>What are the financial impacts on the Cattle and Soy chains?

Quais os impactos nas cadeias de gado e soja?


18th April
10:30 - 12:00 | Brasilia Time (GMT-3)
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Luiz Santos
Luiz Santos
Director of Agribusiness | BrazilGRI Club
I'm currently the Director of Agribusiness for the Brazilian market at GRI Club. Learning is a must and having the opportunity to experience different challenges every day is something I appreciate the most. Chemistry Technician and BS in Civil Engineering, besides having a passion for learning new skills and languages, interleaved with some astronomy and politics. My goal is to progressively build my career, keeping in mind the following rule: doing everything with commitment, seriousness, and love.

As the effects of climate change are felt more broadly, Brazilian agribusinesses face significant financial challenges. This is especially important for the cattle and soy sectors, responsible for over a third of cattle production and over half of soy production globally. These sectors face ever-growing risks as climate change can impact the productivity and profitability of Brazilian agribusiness.

Efforts to limit climate change threats to production are driving more action from governments, consumers, investors and companies. These efforts, known as ‘climate transitions’, will create new risks for Brazilian agribusinesses, but also significant new opportunities to invest in improved production practices and emerging markets.

New financial and economic models presented by Orbitas during this event will show how climate transitions could impact Brazilian soy and cattle sectors, including where risks are likely to emerge and where to invest in new opportunities.

So, how might the transition to a low-carbon economy trigger political, legal, technological and market consequences that should be considered in the strategic planning of producers and investors? And, how can the cattle and soy sectors, and all those employed across their supply chains, prepare for a more resilient future?

Join the debate promoted by the GRI Club to find out more.

18 de abril I 10:30 - 12:00

Trajetória climática brasileira

Quais os impactos financeiros na cadeia de Soja e Gado?

  • Como o Brasil está se posicionando diante de um mundo mais instável?;
  • A transição climática nas decisões estratégicas da agropecuária;
  • Riscos e oportunidades financeiras para a soja e pecuária brasileira.


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The Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) is one of the largest development banks in the world and today the Federal Government's main instrument for long-term financing and investment in all segments of the Brazilian economy.
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Cescon Barrieu is one of Brazil’s leading law firms. Our lawyers stand out for their strong commitment to the representation of our clients’ interests and for their work in highly sophisticated, groundbreaking matters. We have a first class practice in development of infrastructure projects across all its sectors, such as energy, telecom, oil and gas, water and wastewater, ports and navigation, airports, railways, mining and toll roads. We provide advice in all phases of a project, from its conception to its financing, assisting companies in structuring projects, participating in bidding procedures and in claims with the regulatory agencies and granting authorities. We have a multidisciplinary team specialized in drafting and negotiating project contracts, such as EPC contracts, offtake contracts and O&M agreements as well as in EPC Contract management, assisting clients with managing claims during the construction.
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