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Global Energy Transition: 2020 Status Report

3 MIN READJuly 23, 2020
COVID-19 deeply impacted all infrastructure sectors around the world, and the energy sector is no different. Not only has it made industry leaders and governments rethink models and reanalyze risks, consumption and prices, but it has also changed the way many look at renewable energy. As society as a whole realizes their needs and consumption, which will lead to a better normal, and not a new normal, the energy industry is either making new plans or accelerating them to place priority on sustainability. GRI Club Infra members gathered for four days of proactive discussions on how to build a more efficient, inclusive and sustainable better normal for the global energy sector. This eReport highlights the main ideas, challenges, opportunities and initiatives global investors, developers and experts believe will transform the future of the sector.

Download the white paper and get access to the proposals that emerged from this discussion.

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