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Mihir Menda
Mihir Menda
Supervisory Board Member, RMZ Corporation

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As Board Member of RMZ, one of Asia's largest privately-held real estate conglomerates with a portfolio exceeding $15 billion in real estate, Mihir Menda ardently champions enduring the family ethos in all business endeavours while diligently overseeing the strategic allocation of family assets.

Mihir's academic credentials include a Bachelor of Science degree from Columbia University, complemented by a Master of Science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
RMZ Corporation, a global leader and one of the largest family-owned institutions, focuses on real asset investments. As custodians of smart capital, they own, invest, and develop assets aiming to shape the future. They are dedicated to creating sustainable, integrated assets that enhance society and the environment. RMZ is on track to grow their real asset portfolio to $60B by 2030. They are solely owned by the Menda family.
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