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Credit: Natalie Breen
30th November
Sofitel London St James
Real Estate

“We need people to start deploying capital”, says Natalie Breen (Apex Group)

Interviewed at Europe GRI 2023 this year, Natalie Breen shows optimism for Q1 2024

1 MIN READ September 22, 2023

Written by Helen Richards

As a member of GRI’s Global Women Leading Real Estate Committee, Natalie Breen sat down with Kirsty Stevens, GRI Partner, at Europe GRI 2023, to discuss the opening club meeting, Women Leading European Real Estate, as well as the current real estate market scenario.

Natalie reinforced the idea of the Women’s Committee, emphasising the importance of the club meetings in providing support, confidence, and motivation for female leaders to attend events such as Europe GRI 2023.

As Global Head of Strategic Development - Real Assets, for Apex Group, Natalie reported opportunities and dry powder being available for those nimble and sophisticated investors who can act quickly. Although transactional volume is low for obvious reasons, Natalie expressed a need for capital to be deployed, at least by Q1 2024. There are opportunities and demand across a number of asset classes, she explained.

Regarding asset classes in the UK, residential continues to show an advantageous supply-demand ratio, suggesting space for varying living assets - student housing, private rented accommodation, assisted living, social housing, and affordable housing. Thinking outside the box, Natalie also drew attention to life sciences, an asset class being incentivised by interesting government initiatives in the UK, however still in need of growth.

In collaboration with Global Women Leading Real Estate Committee Members, GRI has launched the GRI Women 50/50 Initiative, offering a 50% reduction of fees for new, senior, female club members. Find out more here.

Watch the full interview with Natalie Breen here:

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