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Crédito: GRI Club / Leonardo Sagastegui
Real Estate

Real estate resumption was the Peru GRI 2019 highlight

This was the first edition of the GRI Club event and gathered about 140 real estate players on Aug. 20 and 21 in Lima.

2 MIN READ September 04, 2019
GRI Club Real Estate held the first edition of Peru GRI on August 20 and 21 at the JW Marriott Hotel, in Lima. About 140 industry executives gathered to discuss trends and opportunities in the most diverse real estate segments in the country, including residential, office, industrial and logistics, shopping malls, and hotels. The resumption of the local real estate sector was the dominant theme at the meeting.

The agenda was opened by Augusto Arellano Ostoa, CEO of Evercore Partners, as keynote speaker, and by Claudia Cooper Fort, president of BVL, as a special guest. The experts shared market experiences and analyzed the impacts of the Fidicomiso de Titulización para Inversión en Renta de Bienes Raíces (Fibras) industry on the Peruvian real estate market, covering challenges and opportunities in view of this model, which started recently in the country.

The agenda under discussion throughout the program also included issues related to the development of new businesses and foreign contributions.

A Peru GRI highlight was an exclusive dinner for GRI Club members, held in partnership with Fibra Prime and BBVA at the renowned Lima Marina Club. In a relaxed atmosphere, participants had the opportunity to forge closer relationships and talk about business partnerships.

The event was attended by names such as Aldo Fuertes (Core Capital),
Gabriela Barreto (Capia), Claudia Cooper (Lima Stock Exchange), Felipe Barclay (LarrainVial), Gonzalo Sarmiento (Centenario), Gustavo Ehni (Actual Inmobiliaria), Ignacio, Mariategui (Fibra Prime), Joanna Ayalla (NH Hoteles), Juan Carlos Tassara (Edifica/Asei), Manuel Ugas (Menorca), Markus Zoppa (Deka Immobilien Investment), Paola Galli (Credicorp), Paul Adan (Marriott), Rodolfo Bragagnini (Padova) and Samir Amad (IWG).

Chile GRI 2019

Chile GRI 2019

The next major GRI Club Real Estate conference in the Andean region will be on September 11-12, in Santiago. Chile GRI 2019 will welcome Bill Maddux, the executive managing director of Greystar Investments, as keynote speaker at the opening of the agenda. Check out the details and find out how to participate.
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