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Pedro Vicente on the 'must-have' for investment into Portugal

2 MIN READOctober 01, 2019

Pedro Vicente, Member of the Board at Habitat Invest, talks about the Portuguese real estate market and shares his one recommendation for inward foreign investment.

This interview took place during a networking break at the 21st annual Europe GRI, where the world’s leading real estate decision makers gather to discuss current trends. This is part of GRI Hub’s Europe GRI Interview series.

An excerpt of the interview can be found below.

About Pedro Vicente: 

Pedro Vicente is a board member at Habitat Invest, overseeing the BBB, sales, marketing, business development and operations departments at the company. He has developed his activity at the real estate industry as head of legal and marketing and asset manager of a state-owned company- EPUL. He evolved to level Constellation, a Chinese real estate fund from Shanghai, operating in Portugal. He is the co-founder of the Portuguese Institute for Corporate Governance and member of the advisory committee. Habitat Invest is privately-held and an independent real estate investment company, founded in 2004, with investments in urban rehabilitation and newborn projects. Projects underway in 2019 represent an investment greater than €300 million.


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Article by Matt Harris

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