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Mapping the current impacts of COVID-19 in the USA Real Estate Market

2 MIN READApril 29, 2020

C-Level GRI Club USA members met online last week to discuss the impacts, perspectives and future visions of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the country. It was decided that real estate asset owners, investors and developers must deliberate on the immediate and long term impacts of the chaos on the economy and when to predict growth recovery. 

Moderated by Peter Plaut (Wimmer Family Office), the online meeting raised important points, among them, the difficulty of drawing a parallel between the current moment and crises of the past, drawing comparisons to 2008 and the Sars outbreak. Over 80 senior professionals were present including: Steven Ivankovich (Atlas Residential), James Freeman (Cardinal Industrial), Husni Al Bayari (D&B Properties), Peter Kavounas (East Beach Capital), Jonathan Ofer (Global Holdings), Christopher Chang (Menlo Equities), Karen Kennedy (NAS Investment Solutions), Anthony Santiago (New Empire Corp), Graham Stephens (lnnovo Property Group), Andrew Miele (Six Senses), David Kosoy (Sterling Global Financial), David Parnes (The Agency RE), Tim Mooney (Värde Partners), among others. They raised concerning questions such as what practical actions real estate companies can take to safeguard liquidity and open funds, which asset classes might be most resilient and when we can expect to navigate a recovery curve.

Read on for a full summary.

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