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Real Estate

Hotel leaders analyze the Latin American market at GRI

Brian Finerty (Equity International) and Spencer Levy (CBRE) were keynote speakers at GRI Hospitality Latin America.

3 MIN READ September 05, 2019

 GRI Club Real Estate organized the third edition of GRI Hospitality Latin America on August 29 and 30, at the Four Seasons Hotel, in Miami. The event took place independently of Latin America GRI for the first time, but maintained its focus on analyzing key trends and perspectives on the Latin American hotel market.

Among program highlights were Brian Finerty, CIO of Equity International, and Spencer Levy, chairman of Americas Research and senior economic advisor of CBRE, as keynote speakers. Finerty opened the agenda talking about the scenario for new investments in Latin America and shared his experiences at the Decameron hotel chain with the audience. Levy, meanwhile, made projections about the economy of the region and presented his vision on the hotel industry in the main Latin American countries.

Throughout the day, several simultaneous discussion rooms addressed topics relevant to the segment, such as consumer trends, technologies, and funding. One of the discussion rounds that attracted the most interest was funding strategies for new hotel projects. Moderated by Joan Bertran, global leader for Hotel and Real Estate Trade at Banco de Sabadell, the debate addressed issues such as the structure of real estate investment vehicles – such as Real Estate Investment Trusts (Reits) and Fideicomisos de Titulización para Inversión en Renta de Bienes Raíces (Fibers).

About 100 hotel players operating in Latin America attended GRI Hospitality Latin America 2019, among whom Camilo Bolaños (Hyatt), Cristiano Goncalves (IHG), Eduardo Bosch (NH Hotels Group), Federico Moreno Nickerson (Apple Leisure Group), Mauro Rial (Accor), Maurizio Piedra (Hilton), Cristian Folino (Credit Suisse), Joan Bertran (Banco Sabadell), Oscar Calvillo (Fibra Inn), Christian Grauser Benz (Dream Hotel Group), Miguel Yapur (Expedia), Francisco Gonzalez (Grupo Posadas), Rafael Lang (Mota Engil - Turismo) and Germán Ahumada (Artha Capital).


GRI Club Real Estate Latam Agenda

GRI Hospitality Latin America is part of the GRI Club Real Estate agenda in Latin America. The next big club meetings this year will be Chile GRI 2019, on September 11 and 12, in Santiago, and Colombia GRI 2019, on October 16 and 17, in Bogota. Check out the details of the annual schedule and find out how to participate alongside the key decision makers in each country
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