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Hospitality Real Estate Post-Coronavirus

3 MIN READMay 07, 2020
In two months, the life course of millions has changed drastically without discriminating between country, language or class. COVID-19 has jolted the global economy and placed the hospitality industry on thin ice as countries pushed for measures leading up to the Great Lockdown.
The first of its kind to leaders around the globe, COVID-19 will change the way business is done and will transform the hospitality real estate industry. Without a precedent, timeline or known depth of impact, decision-making has been made more difficult, putting on the line the future of many hotels, resorts and other related services and product companies.
This GRI Report will discuss the immediate impact of COVID-19 on the hospitality industry from the point of view of GRI Club members during the Global GRI Hospitality Summit 2020. It will also explore the challenges and opportunities owners, operators and investors will face in the months to come as activity revamps and the rules of the game change.
  • Mapping the Pandemic’s Impact on Hospitality
  • Ensuring Liquidity Flow Through Uncharted Waters
  • The Challenges in Operating and Managing Assets Post-Pandemic
  • Into the Future: Hospitality’s Outlook and Main Challenges

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