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GRI Club launches most select award on real estate market

Check out the 12 categories of the GRI Awards and nominate the best projects and real estate companies by 10/16.

1 MIN READOctober 11, 2019

The award that was missing on the Brazilian real estate market, with the credibility of a group that has more than two decades of experience and has a presence in more than 20 countries, has just been launched. GRI Awards 2019 will acknowledge the projects, companies, and personality that stood out most this year, in a democratic process, chosen by the industry itself. The winners will be honored at a ceremony scheduled for December 3, in São Paulo, and competitor nominations, which are open to the public, will take place until next Wednesday (October 16).

Learn all about the award:

Why participate?
Those who represent the most advanced and innovative features on the real estate market and who inspire the real estate industry towards continued evolution deserve due recognition, including as a means of disseminating their best practices to a broader audience. At the GRI Awards, this merit will be legitimized by the choice of the professionals and leaders of the area, that is, those who understand the business best, a fact that makes the tribute even more significant. 

What are the award categories?
The GRI Awards 2019 are structured into 12 categories: Best Real Estate Investment Fund (Reit) Manager, Best Social Action Project, Best Residential Project, Best Corporate Project, Best Hotel Project, Best Industrial & Logistics Project, Best Shopping Center Project, Best Land Development Project, Best Retrofit Project, Best Advertising Campaign, Personality of the Year, and Most Innovative Company.

How to make a nomination?
Nominations for the 12 categories of the GRI Awards can be made freely through the
award page on the Internet. This stage is in progress and closes on Wednesday, October 16. 

How will the winners be chosen?
Once the nomination phase is complete, the GRI Awards Organizing Committee will review all suggested projects, names, and people and select the top ten in each category. They will be posted on the award page and on the GRI Club communication channels (GRI Hub and GRI Club social networks - LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) on Monday, October 21. Then, between October 22 and November 18, voting will be open to the public, also in the
award page. The top three in each category will be considered finalists and will be posted on the event page and GRI Club communication channels on November 25th. The entire process will be audited.

What will the awards ceremony look like?
The winners of each category will be known and honored on December 3 at a dinner in São Paulo reserved for GRI Club members, award finalists, and other executives of the Brazilian real estate market who have previously purchased tickets.

Check out all award details and participate.


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