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Credit: William Bossen / Unsplash
30th November
Mexico City
Real Estate

Climate Change Considerations in Real Estate

2 MIN READ October 21, 2020

ESG implementation in real estate strategies, throughout 2019, emerged as a new trend with LPs switching their focus towards impact & sustainable investments, which resulted in 2020 starting off with the largest investment volume for real estate impact investment strategies to date. But with the pandemic outbreak, tenants are increasingly concerned with the impact of buildings on their wellbeing, while investors are trying to minimise risk exposure to climate change related issues, such as fires, droughts and floods, through impact and socially responsible investments.

This GRI Report will discuss the immediate impact of Climate Change and associated risks for real estate and capital markets, as well as related ESG and wellbeing strategies from the point of view of GRI Club members and the IWBI during the “Wellbeing Impacts on Real Estate” and “Climate Change - Must one change investment strategies too?” GRI eMeeting. It will also explore the challenges and opportunities investors, lenders and developers will face when adapting these strategies.

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