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CEE GRI Club - Real Estate Post COVID-19

2 MIN READJune 22, 2020
CEE as a whole has not been hit by the pandemic as much as many other European countries as the government reacted quickly with strict lockdowns, while the EU offered fiscal and monetary actions to soften the economic blow. Thus, despite decreases in economic activity, unemployment rates and nationwide debt increases were kept low, putting the country in a decently defensive position. The CEE markets are moving into the next phase of the pandemic and are focusing after lockdown easings on the grand reopening and transitioning back into the “new normal”. For investors and developers, the current situation remains volatile and only the coming months will show repricings, debt costs and cross border activity. Long term trends and understanding future tenant demand is set to be an important issue in the real estate markets with many already trying to adapt their portfolios to future proof for price corrections and demands.
This GRI Report will discuss the immediate impacts of COVID-19 on the CEE real estate markets from the point of view of GRI Club members during the Online CEE GRI 2020 Conference. It will also explore the challenges and opportunities investors, lenders and developers will face in the medium and long term as activity revamps and the rules of the game are set to change.

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