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Real Estate

ATRIO to Kickoff Bogota’s new Real Estate Era

3 MIN READ February 14, 2020

The Colombian market is thriving and its GDP is expected to grow 3.6 percent in 2020 according to the World Bank, making it one of the best performing economies in Latin America. Bogota is also growing and with it the demand for real estate development and to welcome a new development era, ATRIO seeks to become the new icon that will place Bogota among top international cities. On February 11, 2020, GRI Club Colombia held its first Club Meeting of the year, on the eleventh floor of ATRIO’s North Tower in Bogota. This meeting was hosted by ATRIO developer, QBO, and its CEO, Rafael Londoño. 

With a great view of the Bogota skyline, Londoño kicked off the Club Meeting with a presentation of the ATRIO project. He discussed the pre-investment requisites for the project, and how financing evolved with each construction stage. Apart from financing, he discussed the challenges encountered in the design and the construction of the project itself. One of the main differentiators of the ATRIO project is the importance of urbanism, open spaces and design to create a true icon in Bogota. This project has the tallest towers in Colombia and its mixed-use functionality will contain retail, residential, hospitality and office spaces, as well as entertainment and restaurants. ATRIO’s North tower will also be home to Bancolombia’s new corporate offices.

Members were able to have first look at the North Tower with a behind the scenes tour given by Londoño himself and his team. Some members that took part in the discussion and the tour were Jairo Corales (PEI), Alejandro Krell (Paladin), Philipp Braunfels (Jamestown), Ernesto Carrasco (Credicorp), Felipe Pacheco (Ashmore), Erik Ducey (Grupo Argos), Felipe Posada (TC Latin American), Felipe Encinales (Inverlink), Juan Moreno (Amarilo), Anuar Pérez (CCLA) and Maria Paula Navarro (Grupo Bancolombia).

Save the date for Colombia GRI 2020 this September 8-9 in Bogota where Colombia’s real estate leaders will discuss the opportunities and challenges the industry will face to not only keep up with demand but integrate sustainability and innovation into their projects. 

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