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Semarnat meets with private sector to discuss energy topics

1 MIN READMarch 04, 2020
Mexico’s energy transition will require active participation from the private sector and to discuss the opportunities and challenges, GRI Club Infra in Mexico held its first club meeting of the year hosted by Julio Trujillo Segura, undersecretary of Development and Environmental Regulation of the Mexican Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat). The meeting took place in Semanart’s offices in Mexico City on February 27 and gathered 15 of the country’s leading infrastructure players.

Throughout the closed-door discussion, strategies for compliance with the Paris Agreement at the 21st conference of parties (COP21) were mentioned, as well as factors that may delay targets. The opportunities for the public and private sectors to work together in the country's sovereign energy transition were also discussed to make the leap from fossil fuels to clean energies. 

Additionally, solutions to overcome the country's energy dependence were discussed including opportunities around renewable energy, coal, natural gas and non-conventional resources. Members were particularly interested in understanding the steps and current regulatory framework established to achieve energy and food sovereignty by 2050, as well as strategies to fight climate change in Mexico. 

During the meeting, regulatory framework regarding environmental permits for the development of infrastructure projects were also consulted with the government officials. 

Infra Latam GRI 2020

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