GRI Club Infra welcomes new members in January 2020

2 MIN READFebruary 03, 2020
In January 2020, new industry and infrastructure players joined GRI Club Infra. The club brings together, in Latin America and India, the most relevant players in the industry, covering the most varied segments of this industry (power, gas, urban mobility, highways, railways, airports, ports, social infrastructure, and sanitation) in exclusive meetings, contributing to creating and strengthening relationships and to generating new business.

Get to know who the new members are:

Giane Zimmer
Sustainability and Institucional Relations director

Leonardas Mitrulis
Country manager
Hill International

Lina Madrid
Vice chairman - Infraestructure
Sura Asset Management

Luis Ignacio Matallana
Country manager
FCC Construcción

Luiz Carlos Ciocchi
Furnas Centrais Elétricas

Marcos Borsari
Director partner
Turita Holding

Maria Fernanda Calderón
Country manager

Sandeep Upadhyay
Managing director & CEO - Infra Advisory
Centrum Capital Limited

*Flag indicates the country of origin of the executive.

GRI Club Infra activities in 2020

The leaders of the infrastructure market are constantly participating in the GRI Club Infra activities. Check out the club's agenda .
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