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Credit: Chalabala / Envato

GRI Barometer: aviation sector will return to pre-covid levels only in 2023

One-third of leaders believe the scenario will continue to be challenging until 2024

June 29, 2021

The aviation sector was one of the most impacted due to the pandemy. According to 99 key leaders heard by the GRI survey, the recovery will only be real from 2023 on. Just over half of respondents expect to revert to pre-covid levels in the next year (25% from January and 25% from July). However, the most popular option predicts  “only in 2024”, showing a long journey ahead. 

When do you expect the global aviation sector to revert to pre-covid levels?

January 2022
 3 answers

July 2022
 16 answers
January 2023
 25 answers
July 2023
 25 answers
Only in 2024
 30 answers

Focus on air cargo and real estate development, related business could be a good alternative as additional income to reduce dependency on passenger traffic and to increase revenue. This strategy is pointed out by 72% of sector leaders.  

Although pre-covid levels are a distant reality, according to the audience, some markets have good chances of increasing passenger traffic in the second half of 2021. USA & Canada and Asia/Pacific are the two top destinations chosen by executives as a bet for a boom in the next few months. See results below.

Globally, which top 2 markets will see a boom in international passenger traffic in the 2nd half of 2021?

USA & Canada
 77 answers

 50 answers
Western Europe
 29 answers
Latin America and the Caribbean
 17 answers
Eastern Europe
 9 answers
Middle East & North Africa
 6 answers

The main challenges and risks of investing in the airport sector right now are uncertainty, due to pandemic, and market issues, impacting revenue and volume of  business forecasts. Regulatory, political and administrative matters come next, and environmental problems were lowest voted. 

What are the main challenges and risks of investing in the airport sector right now? (multiple choice)

Uncertainty due to the pandemic
 70 answers

Market (Revenue and business model forecasts)
 64 answers
Public (Political, administrative, legal, social, regulatory, and dispute resolution and enforcement mechanisms)
 37 answers
 12 answers

GRI Barometer also asked companies what they are focusing on nowadays. ESG implementation and contactless technology improvement lead the pool of presented options. De-carbonisation is the focus for one-third of respondents and usage of green fuel appears as the least voted option. 

Which of the following will your company focus on? (Multiple choice)

ESG implementation
 61 answers

Contactless technology improvement
 54 answers
 37 answers
Usage of green fuel
 18 answers

Writing by Henrique Cisman

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