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Global aviation outlook in the GRI Global Airport eSummit

2 MIN READ May 13, 2020

Emergency responses taken by aviation stakeholders world wide will play a crucial role in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. On May 5th, GRI Club Members and investors, operators, airlines, and industry experts kicked off the very first GRI Global Airport eSummit with a rich dialogue about the emergency initiatives that must be put to work in order to guarantee sustainability.

Throughout the discussions, topics such as the financial and economic issues being faced by airports and the entire value chain, the security and health measures that will need to be put into place post COVID-19 to ramp up traffic, and last but not least, the future of new airport concessions, M&A, and further businesses were intensively discussed by the attendees. 

Download the white paper and get access to the proposals that emerged from this discussion.

Download the white paper
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