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Yannis Delikanakis
Yannis Delikanakis
Co-Founder, Southrock Asset Management

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Mr. Delikanakis is a real estate entrepreneur with a successful track record in Europe and in the USA.

In 2021 he co-founded Southrock Asset Management, an asset and investment management firm with a focus on real estate investments in Greece and in the CEE. Southrock is targeting opportunities arising from capital dislocations and value-add initiatives through the acquisition of REO & NPL portfolios as well as of single assets.

In 2004 he had co-founded Bluehouse Capital, an independent private equity real estate investment management firm with approximately €500m under management and with a focus on the property markets of Central and Southeastern Europe.
Bluehouse is a PE real estate investment management firm in CEE/SEE. It manages capital across several funds, investing on behalf of high-quality institutional investors: financial institutions, pension funds, endowments, multi-manager funds family office