Iberia Club MeetingMadrid, July 10th

Iberia Hospitality Investments 2018

Due to the growth in the GRI Hospitality club chapter, club members and their senior guests gathered in Madrid last Tuesday 10th July for a private meeting dedicated to the trends, opportunities and challenges currently presented in the Iberian hospitality sector.

Moderated by Brian Betel (ASG Iberia Advisors), top tourist European destinations, Spain and Portugal were put under the microscope to understand what investment strategies might deliver long term capital gains. Some interesting conclusions about the ‘contamination’ of hospitality assets with mixed use, residential and retail were discovered as well as consensus amongst investors, hotel operators and developers that Madrid and Barcelona were to be the most fruitful for value add hospitality investments.

Summary of discussions were:

  • The smart money is heading to Spain but don’t underestimate potential in Italy, Greece, Northern Africa, Turkey and Portugal
  • Millennials are changing the game and the market must diversify their product offering
  • Resorts require a smarter mindset to capitalize on new development potential
  • Investors see greater value in boutique models rather than international chain brands (with some good exceptions)

Ultimately, our room concluded that investing in and working with boutique operators will add the most value, especially as they can spot underdeveloped opportunities that investors can manage to core and most importantly, they are in tune with client demands. In this new world of real estate, where the customer is king, the likes of Zoku, Yotel, The Student Hotel, and to an extent Airbnb, have the secrets of how to champion the hospitality investment and cycle. However, the question remains: can investors, operators, developers and lenders keep in pace and diversify their product offering to capitalise on this or will the market remain fragmented, ill in liquidity and only for a few brave pioneers?


Membership is by invitation and reserved exclusively for investors, lenders and developers*. 

Qualified individuals (C / Director Level) that believe they could benefit from being part of such a global community are welcome to further details.

If you want to find out on how to become a club member get in touch with Loredana Carollo.

*Some leniency is given to those outside this category up to a maximum of 10% ratio of the Club.

Loredana Carollo

Loredana Carollo

Club Director, Spain

+ 44 (0)20 7121 5065

[email protected]
Loredana Carollo
+ 44 (0)20 7121 5065
Club Director, Spain
GRI Club

Loredana Carollo is the Director Andean & Southern Cone and is responsible for the GRI meetings in Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Peru. She is Venezuelan- Italian and has lived in Caracas, Washington DC, Barcelona and London. Loredana holds a Bachelor of Social Communications from Universidad Santa María in Caracas, her hometown.

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