GRI Workspaces 201911 - 12 June, London


GRI Club is happy to announce the launch of GRI Workspaces 2019!

Amazing changes are happening in our workspaces. Freedoms and conveniences are becoming commonplace and performance of teams skyrocket. Hence, our new launch on June 11-12 in London.

Meet C-level visionaries sharing their experiences and shaping up the real estate industry’s future. Quickly find the right partners, get actionable business intelligence and build new high value relationships!

Here are a few themes that will be discussed by senior investors, lenders, developers, flex operators, and occupiers:

  • Investors’ and lenders’ perspectives. Why, when and for how long to incorporate flexible spaces asset in your portfolio?
  • Who is the future occupier?
  • Flexible workspaces: Rising competitiveness and market fragmentation
  • Long term leases and short term licenses: Assessing the material risk
  • Market Opportunities: Where the bright spots are?
  • Asset valuation and ability to attract finance: Is the game changing?
  • Wellness: Fancy fad or tomorrow’s standard rule for happy workers?
  • Co-working: Liquidity and standing a crash test
  • It knows what you want! How proptech vigilant are you?
Csongor Csukás
Executive Director
Segment: Investors and Occupiers
Throughout his 15 years career in the RE industry, Csongor has gained extensive experience in the wider range of the value creation chain including Facilities Management, Property Management and Asset Management activities for commercial RE assets with a special focus on Shopping Centre Management. Since 2008 he was involved in several cross border RE and corporate projects, ranging from Due Diligence processes for property acquisitions to externalisation of management activities and lift-out of specialised teams and operations. As Executive Director of the Property Management Business Line Csongor is in charge of the international business development of the Business Line, while he is coordinating the international PM operations.
Xavier Denis
Chief Development Officer
AG Real Estate - France
Xavier is a member of the Management Committee and the Board of Directors at AG Real Estate, a Brussels based real estate investor and developer with an international portfolio under management in excess of €6bn. As Chief Development Officer, he is responsible for all development projects representing a 800.000 m² pipeline. Prior to his current position, Xavier was Chief Operating Officer and Board Member at Cofinimmo, a diversified REIT with a €3.4bn portfolio. Xavier joined Cofinimmo in 2002 after five years in London with architectural firms Chapman Taylor and HOK Sport, now known as Populous. Xavier graduated from the UCL as Civil Engineer Architect, received a MBA from INSEAD and attended programmes at the Harvard Business School.
Karim Habra
Head of Europe
Ivanohe Cambridge
Karim Habra is responsible for Ivanhoe Cambridge European platform and its future growth. He oversees all the company’s real estate operations in Europe including its development activities. Karim Habra began his career with GE Real Estate in 1998 and was given responsibility for its Central European operations in 2003, before joining JER Partners in 2008 as Managing Director, European Funds. In 2012, he joined LaSalle Investment Management as Managing Director of Central Europe before serving successively as Managing Director of France, then Head of Continental Europe.
Pierre Leocadio
Director, Investments - Europe
As a Director within the European Investments team, Pierre has responsibility for leading the execution of Oxford's European investment strategy in Paris. Pierre also has responsibility for leading Oxford’s retail investment strategy in London and Paris.
Who we are

We are a family, a club that welcomes visionaries. We welcome you!

We’ve been around for 20+ years and come with a wealth of knowledge on real estate and changing “office environment”. We are lucky to have successful long term relationships with leading real estate investors, lenders, operators, developers, landlords and occupiers.

We have been globetrotting too: France, Spain, Italy, Germany, India, Mexico, USA, Brazil, Portugal and the list goes on. You will find yourself amongst the most senior colleagues with as less distraction as possible.



A GRI is a get together of senior international and local real estate investors, developers and lenders. The discussion format enables you to interact with everyone in the room. Quickly find the right partners for your business, build high value relationships, and continue the conversation afterwards.


GRI has no speakers, no presentations. Instead, you have a selection of closed-door discussions where everyone can participate. Much like a conversation in your own living room, the dynamic environment allows you to engage with your peers in an informal and collegial setting.




Delegate slots are available for anyone senior currently active in real estate. Immerse yourself in a dynamic environment of informal group discussions where everybody participates. Discuss the latest opportunities, challenges and trends with top level decision makers.


Available exclusively to senior-level investors, developers and lenders that confirm their participation in advance, chairing a discussion at India GRI is a way of attending while enjoying greater visibility, reduced rates and other benefits.

Register as a delegate or co-chair


The GRI has a limited number of commercial packages available and our sponsorship team will be happy to tailor a package to ensure you maximise your return on investment.

Enquire about Sponsorship


Available selectively to senior-level Investors, Developers and Lenders confirmed in advance, co-chairing is a way of attending while enjoying greater visibility, reduced rates and other benefits.

As a discussion Co-chair you do no more and no less than anyone else. Just bring your experience and opinions. Discussion co-chairs are featured in the marketing brochure, profiled on the website and event program book, and enjoy reduced rates to attend.

Each discussion has a limited number of places and these fill up fast.

If you are interested in co-chairing, select the co-chair option at registration, or contact

Aya Pariy
+ 44 20 7121 5077  |  [email protected]



Day 1, 11 June 2019

Guest keynote presentation: Mega trends and can flexible workspaces become safe haven?

Transforming offices and re-imagining portfolios. Talk Show

Group discussions

  • Investors’ and lenders’ perspectives. Why, when and for how long to incorporate flex asset into your portfolio?
  • Market Opportunities. Where are the bright spots?
  • Asset valuation and ability to attract finance: Is the game changing?
  • Future of Co-Working. Liquidity and surviving a downturn
  • Not by offices alone. Changing workspaces in warehouses, factories, data centers and logistics spots.
  • It knows what you want! Proptech - instant feedback session

Day 2, 12 June 2019

Interview on Stage: Who is the future occupier and how do we build “flexible” investment and development strategies?

Talk Show. What’s in it for us? Occupiers’ Panel Debate.

Talk Show. Forward thinking operators.

Oxford Style Debate. Will flex spaces stand the test of time?

Group Discussions

  • Rising competitiveness and market fragmentation. Room for all: Big and Small?
  • Wellness: Fancy fad or tomorrow’s standard rule for happy workers?
  • Landlords’ group therapy discussion
  • Flex operators group therapy discussion
  • Long term leases and short term licenses: Assessing the material risk
  • It knows what you want! How proptech-vigilant are you?
Diego Tavares

Diego Tavares

Managing Director

+44 (20) 7121-5060

[email protected]
Diego Tavares
+44 (20) 7121-5060 / +55 (19) 3203-0645
Managing Director
GRI Club

Diego Tavares is managing director of the GRI Club, which brings together leading real estate and infrastructure players in more than 20 countries. He runs the club's real estate division in Europe, managing a highly evolved platform of conferences and member-only activities in a variety of locations across the continent.

He has an extensive experience in the real estate industry in Europe and Americas and a wide network of global relationships. He holds a degree in Tourism and specialized in Marketing and Consumer Behavior at the London School of Marketing.

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