Deutsche GRI 2019Frankfurt, 8 - 9 May


Deutsche GRI is a gathering of senior level German and international real estate investors, lenders and developers.

The collegial discussions enable you to interact and engage - much like an after-dinner conversation in your own living room. Identify like-minded peers, build relationships, and continue the conversation afterwards.

Nicole Jürgensen
Corporate Clients Real Estate
Commerzbank AG
Nicole Jürgensen joined commercial real estate lender Rheinhyp in late 1998 and started her career in the International Property Lending Department, covering Spain. Thereafter, she was involved in setting up offices in Athens, Greece and Istanbul, Turkey to eventually take over, in late 2006, the Latin American business development at Eurohypo. After 5 years in Spain, between 2009 and 2014, where she was in charge of managing Hypothekenbank Frankfurt’s Branch in Madrid, she joined Commerzbank in 02/2015 to head the Frankfurt office of the Centre of Competence - Corporate Clients Real Estate.
Markus Reinert
IC Immobilien Holding AG
Markus Reinert FRICS is the Chairman of the Executive Board / CEO of IC Immobilien Holding AG. The IC Immobilien Group is one of the largest independent full-service-provider for commercial real estate in Germany. Markus Reinert FRICS is a real estate professional with twenty-eight years experience in the national and international real estate sector, working in a variety of international roles and positions, mainly at Cushman & Wakefield LLP and Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL).
Henrie Kötter
ECE Projektmanagement
Segment: Shopping Centers
Henrie W. Kötter is the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Director of ECE. He is responsible for ECE’s global investment activities and the development business of the firm. With its 199 shopping centers under management in 14 countries and assets under management worth 31 billion Euros, ECE is the European market leader in the field of downtown shopping centers. With more than 13 years of experience in retail real estate Henrie has headed several positions both nationally and internationally, including a 4-year appointment as Managing Director of ECE’s center management division. Prior to joining ECE Henrie worked in top management strategy consulting.
Stuart Reid
Partner - Transactions Germany Switzerland & Austria
Rockspring Property Investment Managers LLP - Germany
Stuart has been working in real estate for over 30 years. He joined Rockspring Berlin in June 2001 and is responsible for all transactions and asset management throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Stuart was instrumental in setting up the Rockspring German Retail Box Fund, a leading investor in retail warehousing in Germany. In total, he oversees EUR 2 billion AUM for Rockspring focused mainly on retail assets. Rockspring continues to invest in the retail sector in Germany but has recently also undertaken a number of core-plus/value-add office and logistics transactions
Thomas Karmann
MD, Regional Head Northern Europe
Prologis Germany Management GmbH
Thomas Karmann is managing director, regional head Northern Europe. He oversees all activities of Prologis in Germany, Benelux and the Nordics. This includes new developments, customer relations and working with local development teams. He is also responsible for the performance of all operating properties in the Northern Europe. He works in close cooperation with the finance and property management departments and leasing teams regarding the leasing and re-leasing of facilities. Karmann joined Prologis in June 2012. He has over 20 years of professional experience in logistics real estate. Prior to Prologis, he worked for the international logistics real estate developer Gazeley as senior vice president for European operations for six years
Klaus Franken
Catella Project Management Gmb
Klaus Franken is a CEO of Catella Property GmbH. While working in leading positions for more than 20 years, Klaus Franken has gained a significant expertise in managing real estate transactions in various asset categories, different regions and in changi...
Annette Kröger
Allianz Real Estate
Annette Kroeger joined Allianz Real Estate Germany GmbH in 2009 within the investment management team. In 2011 she became Head of Acquisitions of Allianz Real Estate Germany, taking responsibility for the real estate investment team covering acquisitions in the region of Germany, Austria, CEE and the Nordics. In 2013 she additionally took responsibility for the asset management of Allianz Real Estate Germany's portfolio in Austria, CEE and the Nordics. In April 2015 Annette was appointed CEO of Allianz Real Estate Germany GmbH, her current role.
Christian Paul
Christian Paul is CEO and a founding member of Fundamenta Group Deutschland AG. Fundamenta Group Deutschland AG belongs to Fundamenta Group which is a leading Swiss-based asset manager for institutional investors especially in the housing sector. Before joining Fundamenta, Christian was besides other activities managing director at UBS and had several roles within Siemens Real Estate. He had a leading role in setting-up and establishing the UBS and Siemens Real Estate KAG as a European asset management platform which was founded in 1999. His current priority is now on establishing Fundamenta as an independent German and European asset management platform offering tailor-made real estate products for institutional clients.

May 8th - 9th, 2019

13:30 - 14:30  Registration

14:30 - 17:45  Diskussionen

17:45 - 18:30 Drink Reception

19:00 - 22:00 GRI Networking Dinner

08:30 - 09:00 Registrierung und Networking

09:00 - 10:00 Keynote

10:30 - 13:15 Diskussionen

13:15 - 14:30 Mittagessen

14:30 - 15:30 Diskussionen

15:30 - 16:30 GRI Ausklang Stehempfang

May 8th - 9th, 2019
Special Discussions
  • City's Thinktank
  • Proptech ‘Die Höhle der Löwen’
Finance & Investment
  • Steigende Zinssätze - Kapital und Ertragswachstum, geht beides?
  • Private Equity - Headline returns or investing only for the show to continue?
  • Institutional Risk Appetite - Braver or bailing out?
  • Immobilien, Blockchain und Token - Wie geht es weiter?
  • The Investment Cycle - Is a price crash just what the Doctor ordered?
  • Inbound Investment - Asia, America, Europe - Whose slice of Strudel is biggest?
  • Senior Debt - Never better or time to “mezz” it up?
  • Finanzierungsfonds - Ertragswachstum trotz wachsender Konkurrenz?
  • Opportunistic & Value Add - Up goes the risk curve, down goes the deal size?
  • Core Commercial Real Estate - Still sexy or just a safe haven for global wealth ?
  • Büro Gebäude Entwicklung - Wie wichtig sind Mixed use Konzepte wirklich?
  • Flexi, Co & Serviced Office Fads - Can they survive a downward market?
Industrial and Logistics
  • Light Industrial, Warehousing & Logistics Cycle - What can possibly go wrong?
  • Last Mile Delivery - Now its own asset class or just a passing fad?
  • Germany’s Logistics Tenant Mix - Heavy retro manufacturers, F&B or new-age tech?
  • Warehouses of the Future - Robot rule or multi-dimensional space shuffle?
  • Retail and Logistics - Fates forever intertwined or better off apart?
Retail, Leisure & Mixed Use
  • High Street Retail vs E-Commerce - Any success stories and what can we learn from them?
  • Zweiter Frühling für Shopping Center - Preiskorrektur oder Tanz auf dem Vulkan?
  • Hospitality & Mixed Use - Back in fashion but who are the backers?
  • Retail and Logistics - Fates forever intertwined or better off apart?
  • Portfolio Diversification into Resi Alternatives - Do or Die?
  • Micro, Mod, Apart-Hotels and Co-Living - Finally lifting off or needs more liquid in the tank?
  • Studentenwohnheime - So einfach wie 123 oder eingeschränkt durch Überregulierung?
  • Capital for Residential Development - Only for large scale condos or room for all?
  • Retirement, Healthcare and Assisted Living - No brainer fundamentals or operational headache?
  • Anreize für erschwingliches Wohnen - Umsetzbar oder bleibt es ein unerschwinglicher Tagtraum?
  • Entwicklungs SOS & Steigende Baukosten - Ein Ende in Sicht?
  • Berlin - Platzt die Blase?
  • München - Aufkommende Probleme oder mit dem Karren gegen die Wand?
  • Wo ist der Wert - Welche Städte haben die besten Erträge?
  • Frankfurt und der Brexit-Wachstum - Wird der Eifer böse enden?
  • Österreich und die Schweiz - Exklusiver Spielraum für innerstaatliche Investoren oder interessiert an internationalen Geschäften?


Konrad-Adenauer-Strasse 7, 60313 Frankfurt, Germany



GRI ist ein Treffen für internationale und nationale Immobilieninvestoren, Projektentwickler und Kreditgeber. Das Diskussionsformat ermöglicht Ihnen mit jeder Person im Raum zu interagieren. Finden Sie schnell und einfach die richtigen Geschäftspartner, formen Sie wertvolle Beziehungen und führen Sie die Unterhaltungen nach den Diskussionen fort.


Am GRI gibt es keine Sprecher, keine Präsentationen. Stattdessen gibt es eine Auswahl an geschlossenen, privaten Diskussionen, an denen jeder teilnehmen kann. Wie eine Unterhaltung in Ihrem Wohnzimmer, erlaubt Ihnen das dynamische Umfeld sich mit Ihresgleichen in einem informellen und freunschlaftlichen Rahmen auszutauschen.



Delegate slots are available for anyone senior currently active in real estate. Immerse yourself in a dynamic environment of informal group discussions where everybody participates. Discuss the latest opportunities, challenges and trends with top level decision makers. 


Available exclusively to senior-level investors, developers and lenders that confirm their participation in advance, chairing a discussion at Deutsche GRI is a way of attending while enjoying greater visibility, reduced rates and other benefits.

Register as a delegate or co-chair


The GRI has a limited number of commercial packages available and our sponsorship team will be happy to tailor a package to ensure you maximise your return on investment. Enquire about Sponsorship


Die Teilnahme als Co-Chair ist exklusiv nur hochrangingen Investoren, Projektentwicklern und Kreditgebern vorenthalten, die Ihre Teilnahme im Voraus bestätigen. Als Co-Chair an der Deutsche GRI Wohnen teilzunehmen ist eine Möglichkeit, um mehr Sichtbarkeit, niedrige Teilnahmegebühren und andere Vorteile zu erhalten.

Als ein Diskussions Co-Chair machen Sie nicht mehr oder weniger als die anderen Teilnehmer im Raum. Bringen Sie nur Ihre Erfahrung und Meinungen mit. Die Co-Chairs der Diskussionen werden in der Marketing-Broschüre veröffentlicht, auf der Homepage und im Programmheft vorgestellt und genießen reduzierte Teilnahmegebühren.

Jede Diskussion hat eine begrenzte Anzahl an Plätze, die schnell besetzt sind. 

Wenn Sie an einer Teilnahme als Co-Chair interessiert sind, dann wählen Sie bei der Registrierung die Co-Chair Option, fordern Sie einen Rückruf an oder kontaktieren Sie.

Sarah Robertson
+44 (0)207 121 5075  | [email protected]




Contributor sponsor

Beiten Burkhardt


Beiten Burkhardt

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