Club Meeting21 February, Frankfurt

The German Investment Cycle

Interest Rates, Bond Yields and Values - Where will 2019 take us?

Where are we in the German real estate cycle? With many predicting a stable interest rate cycle, and continued growth in office and logistics assets especially, many believe Germany might triumph over other European cities in the current yield hunt.

And yet, with rising construction costs, lack of supply and increasing rental yields making it harder to find value, GRI DACH Club will gather its members for an open discussion on what pros and cons lie ahead for investors, lenders and developers in the 2019 real estate investment cycle.

Discussion themes include:

  • Where are we in the investment cycle?
  • Possible Rising Interest Rates - What will happen to yields and capital values?
  • Bonds & Real Estate Yield Spread - Wil risk premium decide it all?
  • Global Funds into Germany - Too much competition or room for all?
  • Private Equity - What happened to the headline acts?
  • Debt Finance - Are UK mezzanine investors taking notice of Germany?
  • Will the squeeze on values trigger a move to alternatives or to new jurisdictions?
  • Construction Costs - How serious should investors take it?

21st February, Frankfurt

08:30 - 09:00 | Registration / Welcome

09:00 - 10:00 | Discussion - The German Investment Cycle

10:00 - 11:00 | Departing Refreshments & Networking

Daniela Neiderer

Daniela Neiderer

Club Manager - DACH

+44 (0)207 121 5093

[email protected]
Daniela Neiderer
+44 (0)207 121 5093
Club Manager - DACH
GRI Club
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