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GRI UK & Europe Club Reunion

Hedging through inflationary headwinds to build resilient deal flow 

Credit: ZGPhotography / Shutterstock
ABOUT GRI UK & Europe Club Reunion

Fast becoming our flagship event for senior real estate investors, fund managers, asset owners, lenders and developers, active in the UK as well as those with diversified pan European portfolios across countries and sectors. 

Create dealflow and benchmark pricing, location and risk hedging strategies with your peers.

Spend real time with the right people with 2 days of private investor driven roundtables. No press, no formal agendas, no stages, just qualified decision makers with risk in real estate transactions, sitting down together for closed door discussions.

Expand your network
Transacional discussions about the market
In-depth industry knowledge with strategic insights 
Kimberly Hourihan

Fireside Chat
Investor's Perspective


Keynote Speaker: Kimberly Hourihan
Global Chief Investment Officer

Featured Discussions

Finance & Investment


Open for business?

  • Debt Financing Sets Pricing - What consequences for rents?
  • Inflation & Recession Risk - Are lenders open for business?
  • US, UK & Eurozone - On the same page? If one changes pace, what consequences?
  • Pricing & Leverage - What makes sense?
  • What Asset Classes are Providing the Best and Worst Risk Adjusted Returns?
  • How will Banks, Insurance and Alternative Lenders Fare in the Coming Year?
  • Refinance & Capital Structures - Who makes up the gap in the capital structure for loans that need to be refinanced based on increased rates and reduced leverage?

Finance & Investment

NPLs & Workouts

Pain wave coming, what opportunities from washout?

  • Post COVID, Supply Chain, War, Inflation & Recession - Unprecedented storm?
  • Are we ready for the pain? How can we act quickly to seize opportunities across distressed and special situations?
  • Prices - Time to rethink our valuation models?Are the distressed buyers setting the price?
  • Loans Becoming more Expensive - Will refinancings require more equity?
  • Risk -UK, Commercial, Resi or something unexpected? 
  • Securitisations back in vogue?

Asset Specific

Tenant Demand Winners

Digital, affordable, eco or customer centric?

  • How are digitization and proptech affecting the RE investments?
  • Proptech - the Future of Tenant Experience?
  • The journey to sustainable buildings - what are the key drivers for investing in ESG technology?
  • How are 'Forever Renters' changing real estate as we know it?
  • How to ensure your buildings are attractive to tenants?
  • Owners - Is a possible landlord-exodus a catalyst for rent increases? What assets will suffer/triumph?

Asset Specific


Livin’ on carbon neutral prayer or already there?

  • Economic ‘Greenification’ - Too many costs in a time of geopolitical volatility?
  • Sustainability Opportunities – How to turn compliance into commercial advantages?
  • Carbon-Neutral World - Safeguarding portfolios & future proofing assets; how to handle refurbishment costs?
  • Taxonomy & Regulations - While tedious, actually not pushing the agenda enough?

UK Stream

UK Investment Outlook

Policy trap, inflation distress or reasons to be optimistic?

  • Is the MPC done with raising interest rates? How long before they can ease again?
  • How much longer will very high inflation persist?
  • How are investors working out debt and equity?
  • Will the Conservatives run the clock down? Could fiscal easing return before the next election?
  • How would asset returns be affected by a Labour-led government?

UK Stream

Social & Affordable Housing - Can Institutional Capital dig us out of crisis?

Finance & Investment


Equity slump, impacts on capital cost?

Opportunistic & Value Add 

Structural shifts and repricing, what’s our safety net?

Asset Specific

Repricing Offices

Is the bloom off the rose?

Logistics & Light Industrial

Supply chain bottlenecks boosting demand or causing chaos?


Wise to keep foot on pedal or price cooling expected?


Full recovery or has the game changed?


Back in fashion or final clearance?

Diversification Through Alternatives

Beds, Meds or Data?

UK Stream

The Development Paradox

How to play if bills, demand and rent all up?

Inbound Capital Winners

Bravery through the storm? 

London in Limbo? Pricing through the chaos


Regions - Post COVID optimism or deals stuck?

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Much like a conversation in your own living room, the dynamic environment allows you to engage with your peers in an informal and collegial setting.

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