GRI Offices 2019
GRI Offices 2019
GRI Offices 2019
November, London
The future of flexible workspaces
Aya Pariy
Aya Pariy
Portfolio DirectorGRI Club

GRI Club is happy to announce the launch of GRI Offices 2019!

Amazing changes are happening in our workspaces. Freedoms and conveniences are becoming commonplace and performance of teams skyrocket. Hence, our new launch in November in London


Meet C-level visionaries sharing their experiences and shaping up the real estate industry’s future. Quickly find the right partners, get actionable business intelligence and build new high value relationships!

Here are a few themes that will be discussed by senior investors, lenders, developers, flex operators, and occupiers:

  • Investors’ and lenders’ perspectives. Why, when and for how long to incorporate flexible spaces asset in your portfolio?
  • Who is the future occupier?
  • Flexible workspaces: Rising competitiveness and market fragmentation
  • Long term leases and short term licenses: Assessing the material risk
  • Market Opportunities: Where the bright spots are?
  • Asset valuation and ability to attract finance: Is the game changing?
  • Wellness: Fancy fad or tomorrow’s standard rule for happy workers?
  • Co-working: Liquidity and standing a crash test
  • It knows what you want! How proptech vigilant are you?
Meet our exclusive format.
GRI has no speakers, no presentations. Instead, you have a selection of closed-door discussions where everyone can participate.
Much like a conversation in your own living room, the dynamic environment allows you to engage with your peers in an informal and collegial setting.
Aya Pariy
Event manager
Aya Pariy
Portfolio Director
GRI Club
+ 44 20 7121 5077
Aya Pariy
Aya Pariy
Portfolio DirectorGRI Club
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