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Natural Gas Massification in Central and Southern Peru
Natural Gas Massification in Central and Southern Peru'
*This meeting is GRI members only.

Natural Gas Massification in Central and Southern Peru

06 March
Lima, Peru

 Natural Gas Massification in Central and Southern Peru.

The second Club Meeting in Lima will gather the members of GRI Infra with Victor Murillo, Vice Minister of Hydrocarbons. Aiming to come up with new ideas and market solutions towards the Natural Gas Massification project in Central and Southern Peru, as well as, listening to the Vice Minister´s priorities in 2020 regarding the projects portfolio, public policies and goals to develop the gas sector in Peru.

Special Guest

Victor Murillo Huamán
Victor Murillo Huamán
Vice Minister of Hydrocarbons
Ministerio de Energía y Minas
Victor Murillo is an Electrical Engineer, with a Master degree in Economics and in Regulation of public services. Since 2019, he has been working as Vice Minister of Hydrocarbons
Victor Murillo Huamán
Victor Murillo Huamán
Vice Minister of HydrocarbonsMinisterio de Energía y Minas
+51 1 4111100
Lima | Peru


Friday, March 6th
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08:30 - 09:00 | Registration 

09:00 - 10:00 | Discussion

10:00 - 10:30 | Closing Coffee

“GRI Club meetings are an excellent opportunity to meet key infrastructure players of our country. In addition, the topics addressed during the meetings are particularly important and constitute agenda topics for government officers to take into consideration.”
César Ramírez
César Ramírez
Head Portfolio Manager
Unión para la Infraestructura
César Ramírez
César Ramírez
Head Portfolio ManagerUnión para la Infraestructura
César Ramirez holds a MBA at the Kellog School of Management, MPA at the Kennedy School of Government Harvard. Has more than 20 years experience in investments. Former Managing Director of Petroperú, before starting in Credicorp worked as managing director at Trafigura Colombia, ING Funds, was Vice-president at AIC International Investments and held the position of investments specialist at IFC.
The event exceeded my expectation, where I was able to maintain contact with representatives of various companies, institutions and investors. It allowed to expand the vision on infrastructure projects and future perspectives, and promoted productive discussions on various topics. The more informal format allows for greater interaction and everyone's participation to share visions, opinions, carefully crafted to be a powerful networking tool.
José Diniz
José Diniz
Innova Ambiental
José Diniz
José Diniz
CEOInnova Ambiental
Business Administrator, MBA. Over 15-year experience in Utilities Sector: Waste, Water & Wastewater Services. 10-year experience in public services concessions. Expertise in strategic & financial plan, budgets development and management, project finance, business valuation, cash flow and working capital management, capex financing from BNDES/CEF, operating , accounting and general management.

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Moisés Cona
Project Leader
Moisés Cona
Executive Director, Global Infrastructure
GRI Club
Moisés Cona
Moisés Cona
Executive Director, Global InfrastructureGRI Club
+55 (11) 96695-6107
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This event is exclusive for GRI members.