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GRI Global Committee: ESG & Responsible Infrastructure

GRI Club's Global Committees set the professional standard for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing in order to identify new trends, capitalise on growth opportunities and aid deal flow discovery worldwide.

Curated purely by members, spanning 80+ countries, and across all asset classes, this global committee meets once per month via video calling to share the current sentiment, investment appetite and debate where the market is going.

This global committee meets once every two months via video calling to share the current sentiment, investment appetite and debate where the market is going. The main goal is that the committee discuss projects, best practices in M&A deals, bringing to light crucial discussions involving any matters on the Chinese outbound FDI investments in infrastructure and energy sectors across emerging markets (LATAM, APAC etc) and how to dive deep  in finding new business flows. 

If you would like to become one of our committee members, please include your information and apply to join below

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We do this by designing experiences that bring bright minds together to help them build meaningful relations. We connect the dots between individuals and businesses understanding what makes them tick. We believe in the power of the relationship in an era of digitalisation.

We are the essence of global leadership; we are minds connected shaping the future; together, we generate economic growth, we move economies.

Being a leader is having the ability to translate ideas into attitudes, transform thoughts into new projects, bring the future to the present, forge new paths where they don't exist. That's leadership, that's your GRI Club.

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